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This article points out What Can Go Wrong with low-turnout primaries (which the August 9 primary is expected tp be).
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Time for me to consider the non-partisan race on the ballot. This year, it is for an Associate Justice of the State Supreme Court. The candidates on the ballot include Michelle L. MacDonald, Craig Foss, and Natalie Hudson.

The name of Michelle L. MacDonald should be familiar - she ran for the State Supreme Court in 2014 with the lukewarm endorsement of the Republican Party (lukewarm because of an unrevealed DWI charge). Her web page features a speech of hers with a theory of why we "all rise" when the judge enters the court I have not previously heard.

It's difficult to find out much about Craig Foss. After some digging, I found a questionnaire he answered, with a refreshingly honest answer as to why he thought he should be elected to the State Supreme Court.

Natalie Hudson is the incumbent, appointed to the position by Governor Dayton to replacing Justice Page.

If the election used Ranked Choice Voting, my ballot would read:
1. Natalie Hudson
2. Craig Foss
3. No Award

Since we still use First Past the Post, I'll be voting for the incumbent, Natalie Hudson.
I've been going to http://www.antipope.org/charlie/blog-static/ for an informed take on BREXIT since before the vote happened.

His most recent post points out just how unaware I am of all of the ways this whole process runs afoul of existing constitutions.

Time to make a bigger batch of popcorn...
Article headline in the latest issue of Science News Magazine:

'Overweight' may be healthiest BMI.

The article cites a number of studies showing that as a predictor of health issues, BMI is just a reasonably easy number to calculate (with no real predictive value).

Not that any of this research will stop health insurance companies from attempting to punish people with "unhealthy" BMIs....
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